Born in the heart of San Francisco, SEED STUDIO embodies an innovative blend of deep-rooted plant love and a penchant for modern design and art. This fusion led to VerdiPot™ – a celebration of form, function, and aesthetic harmony that transcends traditional plant care.

Conceived and developed in our own plant nursery through numerous experiments, our patent-pending VerdiPot™ is a testament to our dedicated exploration of plant care. It marries the innovative Air Pruning Core Pot and hydration structure with the aspiration to provide an extraordinary plant care experience.

VerdiPot™, a product of our city's innovative spirit, stands at the intersection of design and art, offering timeless elegance that elevates every space. Our mission is to transform plant care from a routine task into an immersive, enjoyable experience. We see a world where practicality meets beauty, and where the right design transcends boundaries, transforming environments.